Why the heck is Yoko Ono mentioned on our country music website?  Once you read this, you'll thank her, 'cuz it's a great idea because we all need to smile more.  Lots more 

Yoko Ono, (the widow of the late John Lennon) has had her share of criticism over the years.  Just as an example, she was partially blamed for the breakup of the greatest band of all time .  Big deal, picky picky.

Yoko has officially redeemed herself here.   I personally love this idea, and in the wake of the horrible news lately, the world needs this badly.  Welcome to Yoko's Smile Project.  Here's an explanation of it, courtesy of NBC News.

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So what you have to do is download this app if you have a smartphone.  I did it, and it's very cool.  You take a picture of yourself or others and your smiling faces go right to their website, where it's placed geographically on a world map.  Then you become part of a huge slideshow.  You can also do it through instagram and twitter using the #smilesfilm hashtag.

What I saw on the news, however was that the photos show up on a huge screen at the upcoming Olympic games, but maybe those are just chosen shots.


Be that as it may, this is a great project and a fantastic use of technology. Nice work, Yoko.