The TV show ‘South Park’ can be a very crude cartoon. But that’s what it is - A cartoon. It's not a cartoon for younger children.

There was a man from Brooklyn, N.Y. that started to threaten the creators of ‘South Park’ online.

In a story that I saw from AP, Jesse Curtis Morton is a Muslim convert that deemed the creators as enemies of Islam. He founded the Revolution Muslim website, which is now defunct. That’s where Morton made his threats. Morton and Zachary Chesser, another defendant, delivered thinly veiled threats against the show’s creators, because of an episode depicting the prophet Mohammad as in a bear costume, which they perceived that as insulting to the prophet. Morton actually admitted that the website did cross the line by posting ‘Inspire’, the al-Qaida magazine on the website. The magazine also called for violent jihad.

Morton did offer an apology for the threats. Another little fact about the website, ‘Inspire’ allegedly posted an al-Qaida instructional video about building a bomb in a kitchen. Morton was sentenced on Friday, June 22, 2102, to go to prison for about 12 years, for the online threats. Chesser already received a 25 year sentence from an earlier incident.

Not all Muslims are violent or criminals, but I’m very glad when the bad ones are caught and punished, but that goes for any criminal. Who would’ve thought that ‘South Park’ would lead to arresting a criminal.