Listen, I'm sure we all get a hopeful when we hear Billy Currington singing about making friends with an old man in a bar and then being surprised that he left him his entire fortune in his will, but we also know that these things never happen. Then again, maybe it does does happen from time to time.

85 year old Robert Ellsworth was a self made millionaire who has been eating at the same restaurant for  50 years. The restaurant, Donohue's Steak House had two different Maureens waitressing there, one of them the owners daughter. These waitresses said that Robert was always there favorite customer and while some people, especially rich people could be a little short with tipping, Robert was always generous.

What neither girl expected was that when Robert passed away he left them both one final tip, $50,000 each. While the women are thrilled and completely surprised by the money, both said they would gladly give it back to have Robert back, and I believe them. It is amazing how you can touch people's lives so profoundly without ever really realizing how much.