It's summertime in the Capital Region.  Great time for the beach, the boat, and anything else involving water.  Water is our friend.  Unfortunately, it's not our cellphone's best friend.  Maybe it needs a life jacketThis subject really hits home. My son recently was fishing with a friend.  His phone fell out of his pocket and right into the "drink".  He could see it at the bottom of the lake!  He fished it out and immediately turned it off.  Smart boy.  Everything still worked

There are actually products to protect you under water.  They are "life jackets" for your phone.  This one comes from a site called the Joy  It's the BubbleShield.  Not too expensive.

There is actually a product CALLED the Life Jacket, as a matter of fact.  This picture from shows the LifeJacket with attached lanyard

PS  Don't think that your friendly neighborhood cellphone store doesn't know that your phone got wet.  On the i-Phone the inside of the headphone jack turns a certain color.  So no use trying to lie.  Get one of these protectors.  There's still a few weeks of boating and fishing left!

Any funny cellphone mishaps to tell?  Let me know in the comment section.