In 1974, a Syracuse sports writer caused a stir with his fake fishing report.

According to, on April 4, 1971 sports writer Bob Peel of  the Syracuse Post-Standard said an accidental mix-up at a hatchery led to the release of man-eating piranhas in trout fishing waters. In the article he warned fisherman to stand 3 feet away from the banks when fishing and to not go in the water. He also wrote they could devour an ox in minutes! He did close the article by stating it was 'baloney.'

But that did not stop a local TV station from picking it up, causing  fear among local residents and fishermen. Apparently Peel spent the next several days fielding calls from fishermen, to assure them it was a joke.

This would freak me out if I had not seen the disclaimer! It actually sounds like a cheesy horror movie too. This has bad B movie plot written all over it.

Happy April Fools Day...I hope you enjoyed a good prank or too today.