A few things I learned last night: I am terrible at pouring draft beer, and folks in the Capital Region care about others and are super generous.

Last night we had the official kickoff parties for this year's Blue Friday events at the 99 Restaurants in Colonie and the Wilton Mall. I had the honor of doing a little guest bartending in Colonie as we started fundraising for the 12th Annual Blue Friday on April 29.

For those of you who don't know, Blue Friday raises money to help assist the families of law enforcement officers who are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. Proceeds this year will assist the family of Officer Donald Fredenburg to visit the Washington DC Law Enforcement Memorial.

Now, the first thing I learned, pretty quickly, is I am pretty terrible at pouring a draft beer. That's why they put me on bottle duty (see the photo above). Now the second, and really the important thing I learned, folks in the Capital Region are super generous and care about supporting important causes. I am fairly new here at WGNA, so I am still getting to know the region and the people. As I got to serve some drinks and talk to some folks, that concern for others became evident really quickly. And they backed it up by donating to this great cause.

Our law enforcement officials put their safety on the line everyday, and their families sacrifice as well. If an officer ever crosses harms way, the families are affected too. Blue Friday is a great way to show your support for them - we hope to see you on April 29.