As you know I love open line Friday. Every Friday morning on The Sean And Richie Show we give the callers free reign on our show. You can call and pretty much say anything you want, comment on something, ask questions, the only thing you can't do is make a request.
What is great about it is, you never ever know what your going to get. We try to have fun with it, and with you guys but really it's up to you to be "interesting". Usually you hit the mark, sometimes its just painful. Either way though, fun to listen to.
This got me thinking maybe for those who miss the show I can try to highlight one specific call that maybe generated a lot of talk, or was particularly funny or interesting, and feature it here at WGNA.COM

Now call me a nepotist if you want, say I'm a soft hearted Dad but for me today's best call came from 1 year 9 month old Caden McMaster. It was nice because I had no idea it was coming and to be honest when I hear his little voice, the world just seems a little brighter. I hope you think it's cute too.
I should warn you , unlike me he likes to manipulate conversations to suit him, and really doesn't like to let other people get a word in. He also, unlike his Dad, loves attention and to show how smart he is. I blame his Mother.
Here is this week's open line call of the day: