I have the tv on in the WGNA studio and I see the disgusting and disturbing story about animal abuse - On Friday morning, a Siberian Husky was found with its paws duct taped together.

This happened in Argyle, about 50 miles north of the Albany area. The dog was found on the side of a road. Besides having both front and back legs taped together, the dog’s mouth was also bound with tape.

In the story on YNN, according to the Queensbury SPCA, the dog was brought to a local vet for a serious neck wound. The dogs nails were so long they were growing into the paws, and it’s also very underweight. No one is quite sure how long the dog had been on the side of the road.

The Queensbury SPCA would like a call if anyone has nay information on this. Their phone number is 518-798-3500.

When I saw this, it made me angry; as I’m sure it made you angry, too. This kind of treatment is totally uncalled for, and if the person or people that did this, I wish someone would do this to you. I can’t believe that someone could do this.