Let's see if a nice Merlot could replace your computer battery.  We'll also introduce you moms to a great app for pre-schoolers, AND we'll see if technology could help prevent bullying 

First up. According to USA today, in Southern California, there's a a school that is hot on the trail against bullying, especially of the cyber kind.  They've hired a company called Geo Listening, and it's set up to monitor students' social media habits. It actually keeps tabs on any comments that kids make thru their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts - especially if they mention suicide, violence, substance abuse and the like.   Is it a good service or invasion of privacy?  Depends who you ask.  The American Civil Liberties Union is definitely not happy.

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Computers that run on wine?  Bottle of red, bottle of white.  Maybe in the future you can actually use it to start your computer up (if they still exist).  According to ComputerWorld.com it happened at an in Intel developer meeting in San Francisco.

The engineer poured red wine into a glass containing circuitry on two metal boards during a keynote by Genevieve Bell, Intel fellow, at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. Once the red wine hit the metal, the microprocessor on a circuit board powered up. The low-power microprocessor then ran a graphics program on a computer with an e-ink display.

Sorry, Intel -  I'm not wasting my good glass of Merlot on your computer!  Find your own power supply!  That's MY power supply. 

 Finally, for you moms - don't you want your child to be the next Einstein? You need to start them early, like in pre-school.  This is a great little game for the young ins... 

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Check out Zorbit's Math Adventure.  The kids help aliens build a rocket ship, and according to the description, they end up learning a whole lot of math skills without even knowing it.  It's a whopping $3.99 in the iTunes store

And that's Tech Talk for this week.  Time for some wine.