SNE stands for Stupid News Extra.  These are stories that I found in the WGNA trashcan.  Stories that we either didn't have time for, or we thought not to be appropriate, or too stupid for stupid news.  This one might fit all three categories.  Did you hear about this?

Oregon has a problem on it's hands.  According to the

A 21-year-old man was caught urinating in one of Portland’s uncovered reservoirs by a surveillance camera, will end up costing the Portland Water Bureau more than $36,000, the Oregonian reports.

Did you get that?  They even have the idiot on a survelliance camera!

Although it's very blurry, just for safety, I'm rating this "R".

  Now let's see what penalty this guy gets from our crack legal system( should it be determined that he knew it was a reservoir.  He says he thought it was a sewage treatment plant! ) Should he get community service? Will he have to go to schools and lecture students about the dangers of peeing?  I know this is in Oregon, but I really would love to follow this story to see what kind of punishment is doled out for something like this.  Even though they don't feel like it would have been too detrimental to the public's health, this is funny, but it really isn't!  

Yes, I know that if this guy is in a prison cell next to a murderer, and the murderer turns to him and asks "what are YOU in for?", and he answers "Peeing", it may sound ridiculous, but we've got to be strict about stuff like this. There has to be SOME deterrent, don't you think?   (Wow -this started out to be a funny blog, and now it's getting me p$%ssed off. (no pun intended)   What do you think?  Would love to know.