Who says morning radio doesn't have it's pressures?  I get in this morning, bleary eyed from a long weekend in Florida, and my morning show cohorts challenged me to take the theme song "Welcome Back, Kotter" and make the subject matter about the recent demise of Osama Bin Laden.  Well guys-BRING IT ON!

First, a disclaimer:  I actually go thru my share of mental anguish about covering subjects like this.  I knew it was going to come up, and I know that it's my job to be there to parody whatever's going on.  But situations come up where it's tough to decide what is funny and what really isn't.  There was an entire story about this subject on newser.com, and after reading it, it made me feel a little bit better.  They quote from Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon.com when she says:

The war on terror may not be over, but this “proves we know one of its most effective weapons—a devastating zinger.”

Yes, you have to laugh, or you'll go insane.  So with that in mind, I gave it the old college try this morning.  Hope you have fun with it.

Have you heard any good jokes lately?  (not about this subject, please,  I'm done with it for awhile).  But since we've learned that laughter will always be the best medicine, I'll be willing to help spread it around if you have a good one.  (keep it semi-clean please.  This is family blog!)