The WGNA Winter Concert on Saturday, February 5th, is coming up fast. You'll see newcomer Craig Campbell, (with his debut song, "Family Man"), Darryl Worley ("Awful Beautiful Life", I Just Came Back From A War" and other favorites) and Joe Nichols.

Joe's "Greatest Hits" c.d. was just released, just in time for the concert. It has a lot of his popular stuff on it like "Gimme That Girl", I'll Wait For You", "The Impossible" and many more. It's a sure bet that if you get the "Hits" cd, you'll be prepared for what Joe will sing on 2/5 at Proctors, or you'll just get more psyched to see the show.

Get your tickets at the Proctor's box office (on State Street, Schenectady), phone charge at 518-346-6204 or get them online. You can get more by clicking back to our home page.