This is a special story about a Mommy and Daddy cat and their two kids. Please help if you think you can keep this family together.

Our owner who’s had us our entire lives was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She held on to us for as long as she could, but eventually had to let us go because of her declining health (she has since passed away). She brought us to Benson’s Pet Center so we could find a good home. We tried to split ourselves up to make it easier to find a forever home but we couldn't deal with being apart from each other since we’ve always been together. We know it won’t be easy to find someone who will take all four of us but we’re forever hopeful. Is your heart big enough to love all of us while we live out the rest of our lives, together and happy?

Benson’s will donate Pet food for a year!

-Brazilian Shorthair cats

-Senior cats; ages varying from 11-14- Males are neutered; all cats are up to date on shots

-Very sweet, very social, extremely affectionate

Contact the Clifton Park Benson’s Pet Center at 373-1007