Last week I hosted my annual Country Dance Cruise, and I challenged myself that while I was on a "working" vacation I would not use Facebook, Texting or Email.

Although being on a cruise helps to ease the temptation, with expensive service fees and limited services, it was a good start.  I survived a week of no Facebook updates!  There was no checking the news feed for those inspirational life quotes, reading negative posts and comments about someone's life, and no crazy cat videos.

Time off from texting and Email was also a nice break, as it reminded me that way too many people have access to me at anytime and expect an answer right away. Now it's Monday, and now it's pay back for not using my mobile device for seven days- 26 inbox messages on Facebook, 132 Emails, 7 voice mails, and 16 text messages to be returned!  Maybe I should have checked and got caught up on Wednesday? NO, I had too much dancing, drinking, and eating to do.

I challenge you to try taking a break from Facebook, Texting and Email on your next vacation. Have you done it? Do you think you can do it? (leave your comments below)

By the way, I've got to get going. It's time to update my Facebook status!