This has got to be one of the most disgusting things that I have ever heard.  

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A 10 year old boy that’s a student at Public School 16 in Troy was caught drawing on his desk, and was allegedly told by his teacher to lick his desk clean. I saw this in a story from The News Center, ABC 10.

After the student started to gag, he was told to get some paper towels and wipe the desk off. The parents, George and Latonia Spencer were told about this by their son, and this allegedly happened back in February.

The Spencers said that they’re coming forward now because they feel that the Troy School District didn’t do much about what was done to their son. They were successful when they requested that their son be placed in another class. As far as anyone knows, nothing ever happened to the teacher, and has never offered an apology.

Our friends at The News Center, ABC 10 tried to call the Troy School District, but they haven’t heard anything from them, yet.