Here at 'GNA, we pride ourselves in the blogs that we do.  Which gets me to thinkin' (I do this every once in awhile)- we're all so into blogging that many times you miss some of our work because it gets pushed down farther and farther on the page.  So I've decided that we need to promote our work more!  



I'm always eager to rhyme whatever is in front of me.  Just yesterday I did the obituary column, but who wants to hear that?  But I did rhyme the subject matter of blogs that happened just yesterday! 

Here's the lyrics for you to sing along!

That Cutie Kelly Pickler gets her acting debut

You wont believe what they said on the Family Feud -lewd

Stewarts in Schoharie is finally coming back

Is there really fruit in those Fruity Rollup Snacks


3 kittens in a dumpster will make tou scream and hollar

Robbed of 15 dollars

That gives you a scare

Cardinals and the Rangers. Honestly who cares?


One bride says no way

These are a sample of the blogs you'll hear on 'GNA


Now please read all these blogs.  They'll be a test next Tuesday.   Rhymin' Richie--out!