About once a month, GNA’s Kevin Richards hosts Country Idol Karaoke at Vapor in Saratoga Gaming And Raceway. He did a blog about it last month. There are always three judges, one who is almost always Scott Blaine.

This time, I have the honor of joining Kevin and Scott, because I’ll be one of the judges tonight, February 23.

I did this one other time last year, and had a great time. It’s fun watching people getting up on stage and singing their favorite country songs. Some people add to their act by dressing the part. That doesn’t hurt, and adds variety to the evening.

I give the people that get up and sing a lot of credit. If you have never done this, or even if you have, you know how stressful that can be, especially when you’re being judged. No matter what kind of a singer you are, I give you a round of applause, because you have the guts to do something that a lot of people are afraid to do.

You might sing along with your favorite songs with GNA on your radio, but it’s a lot different to sing the songs without singing along with the actual artist singing. Speaking in front of a group of people is one of the biggest fears in America, and these people are singing in front of people.

The competition could win someone $5,000 dollars, which will be given away at the finale on June 21. If you’re one of the brave souls who want to give it a shot, you can register at WGNA.com or just before the contest between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m., tonight. What would be your favorite country song be to sing for Karaoke?