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Bingo Hein, a Medical/Therapy Jack Russell, has been helping Cole Hein, who has been diagnosed with a fatal form of Apnea, enjoy growing up on his own without the help of nurses 24 hours a day.  Bingo was trained in 2005 to recognize Cole’s symptoms and has actually saved his life many times.

Since joining their family, Bingo has also been a help to Cole’s Mom, who is raising 3 kids on her own while her husband is in Afghanistan.

Now, at age 13, Bingo has been diagnosed with a fatal disease.  With limited time left, Cole wants to show his best friend Bingo how much he loves him by creating a “lick it” list for him, four things he wants for Bingo before he dies. Like people have a "bucket list".

1)      This is where the Lick It List comes from Cole would like his friends and family to send Bingo dog treats from where ever they live so that Bingo can 'TASTE" world.

2) Take Bingo for one last "public" outing to Ruckers. It is a place that you go and play video games etc...

3) To walk around the block twice with Bingo but Cole broke it down to 1 block one day and then the 2nd block the next day.

4) A photo shoot with just Bingo and Cole (this has already been arranged)

As a dog owner, I understand that all they want to do is love us as owners.  Bingo went one step further, he loved his family and protected this little boy’s life every day.

Take a minute to visit the facebook page they set up for Bingo. Track his “Lick it” list!  If you can, send him a treat to say thank you and help make a little boys wish come true for his best friend Bingo!