Recently I put out a call for letters from people who needed or knew someone who needed just a little something to make them smile. Every once in a while I try to find someone to just show kindness to in some way, maybe it's a date night or a backstage pass, maybe it's a new appliance or an overgrown lawn. It doesn't matter really what the need as long as I can find a way to pull it off. This particular letter though was something all together different.

A woman named Colleen e mailed me and wrote:

"Hi Sean,  I would like to nominate my friend Tara McLauchlan. She an her husband just had a baby girl Davina two months ago. Davina was born with down syndrome. She is also fighting to survive after having multiple heart problems. She just had her 1st surgery an has had some complications. They also have two older children who miss their mommy daddy an sister. They could def use a bit of happiness right now!"

Davina and Sis, Facebook

So I investigated a little bit and found out that Tara who is from Rotterdam really has been going through more than I can imagine with since the birth of her beautiful baby girl Davina.  Her husband is in the U.S. Army and they have two other beautiful children. After learning about them and seeing the pictures of Davina, I could not let this go without at least trying to make a difference, and giving you the chance to do the same.

The simple truth is there are a lot of sick children in the world and parents who are as worthy as the McLauchlan's to get some help but I don't know their story at the moment and I think you have to try to make a difference in the world one step at a time , one child at a time. So, this our step, this is our moment and Davina is our child, let's make a difference in this family's lives today.

They have a gofundme page for Davina and even though it has been up for almost a month they have only raised $3770 toward the goal of $25,000. Now I don't know if we can get them all the way but I know we can maybe ut a real smile on their faces by really moving that needle in the right direction . What do you say? You in?

If you want to help me help the McLauchlans just click on the button and donate whatever you can , then share this with all of your friends! Lets see if we have the power to make a difference today.