I don't think I've ever DJ'ed a barn dance before.  This was one for the books.  I had a great time - especially knowing what the money raised was going towards.

Victoria Acres Equine Facility empowers children with physical and developmental challenges through the use of Equine Assisted Activities.

It's a therapy program that produces physical, psychological, cognitive and educational benefits.  You can see the results righ before your eyes!  They help so many kids and adults of all ages  in the Capital Region. They are also adding a program to help military personnel and veterans integrate back into society after deployment through a collaboration with Horses4heroes in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It's such an amazing place run by an equally amazing staff of volunteers.

Of course, like anything else - you can't keep the lights on and the hay bales coming through love alone.  Horses are very expensive to own and maintain.  That's what this fundraiser was for.  It was a good old fashioned barn dance, and they invited their favorite country station to be a part.  I was more than happy to "represent".   It was held at the Altamaont Fairgrounds in a beautifully restored barn.

photo by Richie Phillips

It takes a ton of effort to put one of these events on.  It's a total "carry in - carry out" affair. They brought food, chairs, tons of raffle items - the whole deal.  Almost 180 people showed up for this event.  They were a partying crowd!

photo by Richie Phillips

NewsChannel 13's Dan Basile and Elaine Houston were also on hand to host the event.  Me being a fan, I bugged Elaine for a quick picture (sorry, Bethany - I'm not the greatest with selfies.  We went the traditional route. )

photo by Richie Phillips

From what I hear, they may be looking for a bigger barn next year from the size of the turnout they had, and that's a good thing.  I hope they raised what they needed, but I'm sure they can always use more.  If you are interested, you can donate to the cause by going to their website and do your part to keep this fantastic service available in the Capital Region.  Makes a lot of horse sense to me.