I was reminded of this old ditty from good friend Donna Purnomo, owner of DP's in downtown Albany. (She was my former employer!) 

I used to sing this song at the piano bar of the 21 Club in the early 1980s. At the time, they were talking about the possibility of putting a "civic center" as they called it in downtown Albany, so as a spoof, I wrote this as my way of telling the politicos at the time where I thought it should go (let me rephrase that).

I guess when they blew up the Wellington Annex over the weekend to make room for the new convention center, it triggered Donna's memory. So I went digging and digging through old cassettes (remember them?).  I finally found it.

Here is the scratchy audio of "The Civic Center Song."

I know there are some local references to people that you may not remember (actually, neither do I), but it was a cool bit of nostalgia - at least for me. Hope you enjoyed it.