Sometimes I worry about our future in this country. There is always talk of other countries kids being better educated and more ready to take hold of the future. Then I see a story that makes me think, America will always be at the top. You may remember a few months ago I did a story about a boy who came up with a great idea for a candle company. "Man Cans" is a company that specializes in candles with specific scents that cater towards men, like "Baseball Mit", "Fresh Cut Grass" and others. I thought he was brilliant for coming up with that idea. Now another 14 year old has raised the bar.

Robert Nay's game "Bubble Ball" has just surpassed "Angry Birds" as the number one free game application for smart phones. That is huge. Now you say, well it's free what does that get the kid? Well with over 6 million downloads he can now charge for any future improvements or versions of the game. If even half the people who have it now download the new version at a dollar, well you do the math.

While all that is impressive and the fact that he already created the company called "Nay Games" what really impresses me is the way he thinks and communicates. There is a great interview with Robert by Amanda Kooser from  Aol.  When you read it I think you will get the same impression I did. While this story is eye catching because Robert is only 14 and has such a bright future, you quickly realize that his age is much less important than his creativity, attitude and drive. Making it clear to even someone as old as I am that anything is possible and one should never let anything like age, old or young be a deterrent to creativity.

Check out a little more on Robert and Nay games with this video from "Good Morning America" I found on YouTube.

God Bless.