This is Fred's story and it is a good one. After 75 years of marriage Fred's wife Lorraine passed away. I know that this isn't something that a great many people have seen , it's so hard to find people that have been together for so long but I know that I have seen it first hand and I can tell you the pain and loss is unbearable.

I had a neighbor once in almost the same situation and he was never, even at his happiest moments not missing his wife. There were a few times he would sit with me and talk about her and I knew that he both needed and at the same time dreaded those conversations. I also knew that when he would smile and go back into his apartment, he would cry, for a long time. He has since joined her in Heaven and I know that he is whole and happy again.

So knowing how hard it is for a man in that situation to express and feel those emotions I am even more impressed with Fred. After his wife died, having no musical or song writing experience he decided to sit down and write her a song. At that time Fred had no idea that his song and his story would touch so many people.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.