This is as stupid a story as it gets, but it made me giggle out loud.  Actually, I "guffawed."  

According to, a man in the UK was denied an alcohol purchase because he didn't have valid identification. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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He's a GREAT grandfather, for God sakes. He might even be more aged than the vodka itself. You can read the whole story here, according to

Rules are OK as far as I'm concerned. You need rules or there is no order in the world. But I can't stand when people just take everything written down as gospel and don't try to apply it to situations where they OBVIOUSLY don't apply.

Can you think of a rule that is just totally ridiculous but some official tries to enforce anyway? Here's one:  bringing cameras into concerts. STUPID. We all have phones that can take just as usable of a picture as the expensive ones.  What is their big worry?  Ok, that's mine - now what's yours?  Reviewing stupid rules - I'll drink to that!