What are some of the things you've been talking about?  What's being talked about at the water cooler?  I've been trying to find out lately.  In fact I've decided to rhyme what I've discovered.

I hear folks talking about San Francisco Giants' teammate Brian Wilson.  ( I thought he was in the Beach Boys- what do I know?)  But I guess this Brian Wilson has been injured and everyone's worried.

People are STILL incensed at North Korea's missile launch that was a total BOMB.

Axel Rose didn't feel that it was necessary to show up to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. These are just SOME of the issues out there.  Of course, there are brand new ones since I've written this! But be that as it may, I've decided to try my hand making a song out of this!

What have YOU been talking about lately?  We'd like to know so that we can talk about what YOU are a-talkin' about. Have I said the word "talking" enough for you?   Seriously though, please leave your comments below!