How well do you know your own body? How many bathtubs full of urine could you fill every year?  How many times do you yawn?  The World Science Festival has the answers for you, and here are a few highlights...

1.  Your mouth will produce 91 gallons of saliva.

2.  Between 18 and 25 TRILLION cells in your body will die.

3.  You'll produce about 135 gallons of urine . . . enough to fill about two bathtubs.

4.  Your heart will beat 35 million times.

5.  You'll yawn 1,825 times.

6.  Your hair will grow roughly six inches.

7.  Your fingernails will grow about one-and-a-half inches.

8.  Your body will shed eight pounds of SKIN.

9.  And you'll blink your eyes 5.6 MILLION times.