Out in Penfield, in western New York, there’s a little boy that’s being called a hero.


His name is Tyler Doohan. Tyler was staying with his grandfather because he had the day off from school for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Early Monday morning, there was a fire at his grandfather’s mobile home. In the story from the Times Union, he was woken up by a burning blanket that his 4-year-old cousin was sleeping under. He ran around waking up his relatives, four adults and two children, so they would get out of the fire.

In an attempt to save Lewis Beach, his 57-year-old disabled grandfather, Tyler ran back into the room where was sleeping. Sadly, Tyler, his grandfather and and uncle didn’t make it out of the burning home.

There has been a fundraising campaign set up online at YouCaring.com to help with the costs of Tyler’s funeral.

Our prayers go out to Tyler’s family.