When you're going to have a baby, the world seems so confusing!  Especially if you go shopping for the little creature!

Frankly I don't think it's fair how ads, and other moms, and the internet and pinterest make you feel like you have to have every single product for your baby or else you'll certainly fail at motherhood!

A recent survey asked parents to name the most useful things they bought after they had a baby.

Here are the top eight-

1.  A baby gate for the stairs.  Absolutely!  And, this works well into toddlerhood!  Like when you're cooking and you don't want them to come into the kitchen, or if you have a pet that you need to separate from the baby.


2.  A baby monitor.  It's mostly for piece of mind.  You'll have new mom anxiety for a while, and hearing them breath and sleep while you're downstairs enjoying adult time makes you feel a little better about your wine.


3.  An electric steamer to sterilize bottles, or one you put in the microwave.  If you bottle feed, it takes a while to make the bottles everyday - this will help cut out some time.


4.  A good diaper bag.  Thankfully they just keep getting cuter!  And more efficient.


5.  A baby sleeping bag . . . which is basically just a cloth bag with armholes.  This helps so much especially in the winter, those little suckers kick off their covers and then wake up and cry when they're cold.  Avoid the drama and wrap 'em up!


6.  A digital ear thermometer.  Must faster and less invasive than the "other" kind!  Well worth the money, plus you can use it til they go to college!


7.  A baby bouncer, or a baby rocking chair.  Yes, yes, a hundred times yes!  My babies were always happiest in their $25 bouncy chair!


8.  A baby-changing table that you can store stuff in.  Yeah, get the kind that turns into a dresser!  And, while you're at it, get the kind of crib that turns into a bed!  Your little bundle of delicious love is about to cost you a million dollars!  Save all the money you can!


Things that new moms found to be the least useful included, a mobile for above the crib, one of those fancy swaddling blankets, a manual breast pump, a child safely harness/leash and a bouncer that hangs from the doorway.

Moms - what else do you think is important to have when you bring your baby home?  Is there anything you feel like you wasted your money on?

Let mw know in the comments section below!