Can you imagine a 5 year old losing ALL his birthday presents?

A 5-year-old boy in Peabody Mass. is going through that today, as all his presents were lost after his birthday party.  It seems a family friend offered to put the toys in their car, but she put them in the WRONG Honda Pilot!  When they realized the mistake, that car was gone along with all the gits!  The family has contacted the bowling alley, but no one has returned the presents that included lego's and action heroes!

Julian Finney/Getty Images For DAGOC

I am so SO sad for this little boy.  Listen, mistakes happen.  I go to the wrong car all the time!  But I beg the owner of the Honda Pilot with the presents to return them!  It's a 5 year old's toys!  I am hoping that they just don't realize it yet!

Lets share this post in hopes the owner reads it and returns the gifts!