I'm jealous.  No, I really mean it.  I hate it when people get better pictures than me.  Very competitive in this area.  That being said, I promised that I would post some of these really great  super moon shots.  I DESPISE these people!!!  (lol) 

OK, so let's begin with one of my BETTER shots from last nite's Supermoon event.  The lower circle is my neighbor's light post.  That actually came out better than the moon!

photo by Richie Phillips

I think it's very difficult to get a good moon shot.  There are settings that you have to really know pretty well to get something besides the round circle you see above (duhh)

Kathy Ventura must know what those settings are.  Look at this.

photo by Kathy Ventura

Very nice! I hate you, Kathy.    Now here is Kara Rosen's very artistic shot.  (I'm more jealous that she was at a really nice lake and I wasn't.

Kara Rosen


Janet sent me this BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED, close up moon!   It makes you howl just looking at it!

photo by Janet

Not done yet.     Debbie Brennan sent several amazing shots.  This one was soooo cool!

photo by Debbie Brennan


And another !

photo by Debbie Brennan

Kudos!  How about this very artsy effort from Andrea August-Cenicola?

photo by Andrea August


Very very impressed, folks.   I still hate you all, but I loved the pix.  I guess that qualifies for a love-hate relationship, now doesn't it?

(Anybody know a good photography class I can take?)