The new year is upon us which means some new laws will be on the books in 2017. Here is what you need to know!

With the arrival of 2017 Sunday, we will also see the arrival of some new laws on the books. Here are 5 you may want to know about! Unfortunately they do not include the legalization of Uber!

1. Minimum Wage Increase

A move that some think is long overdue. the minimum wage here in the Capital Region will increase to $9.70 an hour, and will go up each year until it reaches $12.50. Some areas will eventually increase to $15 an hour.

2. Car Window Tint

If you have tinted windows on your car, you may want to get them checked out. The new tint law going into place will require tinted windows to let at least 70% of light through.

3. Ticket Bot Software Will Become Illegal

This one will help you when you go to by concert tickets in 2017! Those ticket scalpers who seem to hog up all the good seats to shows? They use special software to beat measures in place to keep the playing field level for all buyers. That software will now be against the law, which should mean you will have a better selection of seats when you go to buy concert tickets.

4. You Can Now Be Buried With Your Pet

Hard to believe this was ever illegal, but you can now be buried with your pet when you move on to the afterlife. That special, furry friend can be with your forever!

5. Funeral Home Can Now Serve Food

The Times Union says funeral homes will now be able to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks. Another one I never thought was illegal, but this explains why you always go to a different location for food and drinks after going to a wake.

There ya go, some new laws for 2017. Now if we can just get that Uber thing taken care of - we need ride-sharing in the Capital Region!

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