Usually Hollywood likes to paint the perfect picture of the ideal life, but there are often movies created based on single parent life.  Sure, most of them have a happy ending to a somewhat difficult life, but who wants to be sad when the movie ends?

Erin Brockovich – the story about a single mom who is on her last few dollars and manages to get a job with a lawyer.  She is instrumental in finding justice for a town of residents who experience illness due to pollution from a local factory.

Sleepless in Seattle – the 8 year old son of a single dad calls into a national radio show and eventually leads to finding his dad true love by a woman who hears the call.

The Karate Kid – (the Jaden Smith version from 2010) – a single mom has to move to China due to work pressure and her son takes up karate.

50 First Dates – The victim of a car accident that has left Lucy with no long term memory falls in love with Henry, a man she meets in a café where she has breakfast every day.  Because of her memory issues, she needs to meet and fall in love every day – since she doesn’t remember Henry from one day to the next.  Lucy has been cared for by her single father for years, and Henry has to convince him that he can take care of Lucy.

Jerry Maguire – While the main story line of this movie is about the sports agent, Jerry, and his epiphany about what he’s doing with his life, there is an underlining story involving his female love interest who is a single mom of a cute little boy.

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