So last week, I was reading my e mail and I came across a letter from a girl who is a Cazenovia College Alum. She told me about a Facebook campaign she and her friends from college had started to promote 365 days of kindness and was hoping I could help her get the word out because it seemed to be spreading faster and further than they had ever really anticipated. I , a sucker for kindness, asked them to come on the show.

Caz Girls Conquer 365 Random Acts of Kindness Facebook page

We had them on today and they were just the sweetest girls ever. They explained how it started with just one of their friends and kind of took off from there. Each of the 5 girls agreed to perform at least one act of kindness a day for a whole year. They began posting these acts on a Facebook page and from there it has blossomed into a whole lot of people doing nice things for total strangers.

Have a listen to the interview this morning and then make sure you visit their Facebook page and "Like' it, perhaps that can be YOUR first random act of kindness.

Click here to hear 2 of the girls on the "Sean and Richie Show":