A new 3D movie screen is coming to the Capital Region.  Spectrum 8 located on Delaware Avenue in Albany (between downtown and the town of Bethlehem) will be gearing up for their new screen this month.  The best part about the Spectrum in general is that it's a stand alonemovie theater.  Meaning, it is a separate theater from anything else -- no mall, no huge crowds, no hassle parking.  Since it is right on main stream Delaware Avenue, it's pretty easy to get to whether you are coming in from Albany or Delmar or if you are coming off I-787.  I suppose you could also take the Thruway conveniently as well, but I'm not sure most people are willing to drive that far (depending on where you live) to go to Albany for a movie. 


The new screen will be here just in time for Werner Herzog's, "Cave of Forgotten Dreams."  That movie is due out June 24th and apparently, that's when the big 3D will debut.  I'm pretty excited seeing how I have yet to see a 3D movie.  Have you seen any 3D movies yet? 

The Spectrum is a great movie theater.  Makes for a great date night, especially if you'd you rather go to dinner somewhere other than a mall restaurant, but still have the oppportunity to catch a movie.  I haven't been to the Spectrum in probably over a year, but they use to serve/sell delicious cake!  Kind of an odd thing to have at a movie theater, but again, it makes for the unique experience that you only have at Spectrum 8!

The other thing great about their theaters and I'm not sure if this will be the case for the new 3D screen, but they are the old style theaters -- not too monstrous.  Again, perfect for a close proxity, more intimate experience.