It's apparently not an April Fool's joke, but it will be happening on April 1st!  I'm of course talking about the Virginity Auction of "Elizabeth Raine," a beautiful, smart, blonde woman who is literally selling herself to pay for medical school!

"Raine," which isn't her real name, is asking for at least $400,000 in exchange for her… purity?

The auction will be held on her own site. The bidding is to start April 1 and the lucky winner will get to spend 12 hours with "Elizabeth," transforming her "from virgin to literal whore." Her words, not mine.

And like I stated, even though it's on April 1, her publicist insists that it's no prank.

She’s started her own blog to document the event called Musings of a Virgin Whore.

In it she explains that "at the ripe age of 27, virginity fits me like a glove. It is unexpected and unconventional, yet exhilarating and empowering. Now, having made the decision to sell my virginity, I cannot imagine losing it in any other way. This blog is the true and intimate story of my modern-day virginity auction."

"Elizabeth" plans to donate 35% of whatever she makes to a charity that educates women in developing countries and promises to pay income taxes on the profit!

And of course you know that selling sex is illegal in the US, so she’s had to turn to an Australian-based agent.

What do you think?

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images