As usual the dance floor was packed at Vapor in Saratoga Casino for Bud Light Country Night. Line dancers scooted to the hottest country hits like 'I Don't Want This Night To End' by Luke Bryan, 'Good Girl' by Carrie Underwood, and 'Let The Cowboy Rock' by Ronnie Dunn. Then, came the big moment of the night, the final round of auditions for Country Idol.

Tensions were high as contestants knew this was their final shot to make the finals on June 21 to sing for $5,000. A record number of 9 contestants were cut from the auditions, but the top scoring singers of the night were ready to impress.

Scott Blaine, Lou Roberts, and Vapor's Lauren sat in the judges seats and ranked each singer on stage presence, appearance, and vocals. Similar to last month, a tie for fifth place resulted in 6 finalists that will enter the finals.

The top finalists included: Ricky Martuscello who delivered a nice version of James Otto's 'Just Got Started Loving You.' Danny Kane knocked up the energy level with Luke Bryan's  'Country Girl Shake It For Me.' Nicola Marshall wowed the crowd with her vocals on Juice Newton's No. 2 Country hit from 1982 titled 'Break It To Me Gently.' Meanwhile, a singer simply known as Eino revived Keith Whitley's 'Don't Close Your Eyes' from 1988. Alicia Turkington sang 'Last Name' one of the many Carrie Underwood songs performed during the competition. Finally, Lisa Middleton, the very last contestant of the entire series easily slid into the finals with her graceful and bluesy performance of 'Blue Bayou,' a No. 2 Linda Ronstadt Country hit from 1977.

The Country Idol finals will take place on Thursday, June 21 at 8pm.  In the finals, 4 judges will rank each of the 27 finalists.  Then, the top 5 of the night will come back to the stage to sing a second song to compete for the title and $5,000!

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