Again this year, some great legends released music that was unheard to most of the general public.  I've compiled a list of what I think were the 5 best new recordings released by legends over the past year.

Remember, that I play a new song from a legend every Sunday Morning on WGNA's Classic Country Hall of Fame Show. 

#5- "On The Other Side"- Jimmy Fortune (of the Statler Brothers).  The tenor of the group, and the only member still touring, Jimmy delivers a beautiful performance in tribute to his father.   His voice soars with emotion as he triggers a thought that has passed in all of our minds!  Found on Jimmy's album "Windows."

#4-"Mama's Table"- The Oak Ridge Boys.  I'm not only amazed by the great music these men still make, I'm also in shock at thier 2010 tour schedule.  It's had to believe that these guys played and traveled just about every day of the week somewhere in the United States.  This Jamey Johnson composition makes me want to go back home every time I hear it!  From the Oaks album "The Boys Are Back."

#3- "Coal Miner's Daughter"- Loretta Lynn, Sheryl Crow, and Miranda Lambert.  I had the chance to see Loretta on tour this summer.  What a voice, what a lady, what a legend!  At 75, she gave me one of the best "meet and greet" experiences ever.  While most artists act like it's a "chore" to do a "meet and greet," this legend welcomed me and my grandmother with a big hug, exciting conversation, and a big smile.  I will never forget that moment.  I'm glad her voice is still in great shape as she celebrates 50 years in Country Music.  This song is found on the "Coal Miner's Daughter: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn" album.

#2-"Tell Me That You Love Me"- Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.  I think this song still had the same magic as "Islands In The Stream!"  Considering that Kenny was 71 and Dolly was 63 when it was recorded, the song is a great represenation that these legends can still give us what they had together on stage 27 years ago, when "Islands" was a hit!  The song can be found on Kenny's collection, "The First 50 Years."

#1- "Thanks To You"- Bill Anderson.  Bill Anderson is Country Music!  How many 70 year-olds are still winning CMA awards, writing number one hits, and still touring?  At 74, Bill has written and recorded a great album titled "Songwriter."  There are so many great songs on this album, and I hope, like in the past, one of today's stars will take one up the Country charts.  The lead single off the project is one of the finest I think Bill has ever recorded.  The arrangement is contemporary, the voice is classic, and the message is timeless.  I think this song means so much to the people who are living it, and I think we all will one day.  In this song, we accept that we've done all we can do physically in the final chapter of our lives, we realize that our accomplishments were not reached alone, and that thanks to that one special person, we can look back on those great life milestones while looking forward to enjoying the "golden" years with pride and joy.  Way to go Bill, you're "Still" number one!