For 22 years now I have written a parody that sums up the big events of the past 365 days.  But this year it's different - way different!

This year I had the burning desire to put visuals to it. And with help from our Digital Programming Guru Brian Bushner-Gutierrez, we culled over 50 images from Getty Images to match the lyrics.  (Note to self-MAKE THE SONG SHORTER NEXT TIME !

This is a parody of Tracy Lawrence's Big country hit "Time marches On".

And technical note to  you music geeks and others who care:   This has 8 tracks of my keyboards, 8 tracks of vocals, many sound effects and, as I mentioned, almost 50 visuals!!!

I had a blast doing this, and I dedicate it to all our great listeners!  Hope 2011 is better for all!  (I'm gonna start collecting visuals NOW for the next one---did you hear that, Brian?????)