A man was driving his pick up truck with his 7-month-old son in Galway.


The truck crossed over the center line and ran into a Galway school bus. There were no passengers on the bus.

In the story from WNYT, the truck, which was driven by Andrew Trosan, started on fire when hit the school bus. Trosan and his son were trapped in the burning truck. He was injured in the crash, and couldn’t get out of his vehicle. The bus driver, 71-year-old Casimr “Chuck” Dziegiel, was also injured.

Another vehicle driven by 32-year-old Derek Ricciardi, was behind the bus during the accident.

Even with his injuries, Dziegiel, along with Ricciardi who stopped to help, ran over to Trosan’s truck. Dziegiel dragged Trosan out of the burning truck. Trosan’s son, who was in the back seat of the truck and properly secured in his car seat, was rescued by Ricciardi from the burning truck. Dziegiel, Trosan and his son were all treated for non-life threatening injuries after they were sent to the hospital.

Authorities ticketed Dziegiel for failure to keep right, and believe that it’s possible he may have fallen asleep behind the wheel.