There is horrifying news from Glens Falls today. Two boys, ages 5 and 6, were seriously injured when a strong wind blew the bounce house inflatable they were playing in over 50 feet into the air. According to the Post Star, one of the boys suffered a severe head trauma and both boys were sent to Albany Medical Center in serious condition. There was also a 10-year-old girl in the bounce house who suffered minor injuries.

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It seems the girl had fallen from the structure just as it had risen in the air, but the boys fell from about 15 feet, one on a parked car and the other onto pavement. Both the officer who responded and the mother of the girl said it was staked down, but the strong gust of wind lifted it right off the ground.

According to the Post Star article, the mother also said that neither she or the other mothers realized the potential dangers that could come from using them on windy days. There is also a photo of the bounce house flying in the air in the original article. To see it just click the link above.

The bounce house was a very popular 10 x 10 inflatable sold by "little tykes." I actually have one myself.  All I can say is please make sure your bounce houses are well staked, and perhaps even tied down, (I think I will be doing that), do not use them on windy days and make sure that children are always supervised closely when enjoying the inflatables.