On a rainy day, in a world full of bad news and selfish people, its always nice to see a story that makes you feel good. The more I think about this guy though, the more I wonder if we all don't have a little more work to do when it comes to being selfless.

Nick Ruth was diagnosed with Leukemia about 8 years ago and spent the next 4 years fighting it.  He has luckily been in remission for the last 4 years. that however is not where his luck ended, last week he bought a lottery ticket as he has done every week for the past year at his job at the 7-11. He won.

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Nick matched 5 of the 6 numbers and won $250,000 dollars. I love it. If anyone deserves a break in life it's a young man who spent many years of his childhood fighting cancer. I thought I hope he gets a nice house, maybe a sports car or starts a business  It doesn't matter really as long as he enjoys the good break.

Nick is donating his winnings to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Nick told "The Baltimore Sun", "People keep saying I deserve it and talk about what I went through, but there's people far worse than what I went through that can use the money more than me. I'm just glad I can help out in a big way."

Thank you Nick, for reminding me that sometimes life's biggest rewards are in the giving not the taking.

God Bless.