On Friday, 16-year-old Marcelle Chandler was caught when he tried to steal a couple of polo shirts, but that wasn’t all he was caught with.

Security went through his backpack, and that’s when they found a loaded sawed off shotgun. According to a story from WTEN, authorities stated Marcelle doesn’t have a license. Because the barrel was intentionally cut shorter than 18 inches long, it mada the rifle illegal in New York State, license or not.

According to police, he didn’t threaten anyone. He did give himself up without any problems.  He was charged with felony criminal possession of a weapon and petit larceny was arraigned and is at the Albany County Jail. Marcelle failed to produce bail.

Crossgates Mall has a strict behavior code, especially with the weekend curfew stating that on “Friday and Saturday (4pm to close), youths 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult 21 years or older.” What other ideas do you have to keep this from happening there, or any public place?