Sometimes, things like this just don't seem right. The home that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to write eternal high school English class assignment 'The Great Gatsby' has been torn down, according to reports.

It was a grand mansion on Long Island's North Shore. 'Lands End' was built by a newspaper publisher in 1902.

For a period of time during the '20s, Fitzgerald lived across the bay from Lands End. He would watch the lavish, celebrity-filled parties that would take place within its confines. He later incorporated many of these observations into 'The Great Gatsby.' I wonder if he got to attend any of those parties later in his life?

Seven years ago, real estate developer Bert Brodsky bought Lands End, which had fallen into disarray. Instead of maintaining the upkeep on the $18 million property, Brodsky decided to raze it, and build five new luxury homes on the site.

CBS Sunday Morning filmed the destruction of this piece of American literary history, which took place over the weekend. Read on to check it out.


I understand that sometimes it's cheaper to build new, rather than renovate, but don't you feel like some places should have been saved?