#WGNACountryfest is happening Saturday, July 11, 2015!  General admission tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. for just $25! And, our headliner this year is none other than Dierks Bentley himself!

I almost can't believe how cheap the tickets are this year!  So, in honor of the super low ticket price, I've put together a list of things that you might buy on a regular day that are more expensive than a Countryfest ticket!

1. Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's - $32.95 (I love that salad bar!)

2.  Amy Poehler's new book, "Yes, Please" as read by Amy - $28.95 (If you can't read, get the audio book!)

3. Two tickets to "50 Shades of Grey" - $34 (in IMAX without popcorn)

4. Cut and Color from Jessica at Shelley Salon and Day Spa - $35 (with this Seize the Deal!)

5. 1.75 fl ounces of Beefeater - $32.99

6. The sandals I want to wear to Countryfest - $59.99

7. Feeding my family dinner - $32.56 (hamburgers with sweet potato fries... and a couple of yogurts)

8. My cable bill - $117.87 (thanks, Time Warner)

9. My co-pay at the doctor this afternoon (I have a cold) - $35 (thanks, Obama)

10. Fire extinguisher - $24.99 (you might need it because Dierks is hot as hell!)

11. Rope and handcuffs - $35 (Just in case I need them, you know... ;-)

12. Gas - $43 (used my rewards points last month so I had to pay full price! Damn!)

I know you're really excited about Dierks, Countryfest, and the cheap-ass ticket price! I can barely contain myself!

On Friday the price will be $25 for general admission; or $75 for VIP tickets.

Either way, a great deal!  We'll see you at #WGNACountryfest!

Dierks Bentley (Getty)