Once we had some family members stay with us.  They were lovely houseguests, but they brought their dog.  And, at first I thought the dog was well behaved and sweet... but then I found out what really went on!

The dog scratched my woodwork in several rooms!  My beautiful, original, 1930's pine woodwork.  Grrrrrrrr!

Then, another time, my girlfriend came to stay with us and she brought her new fiance.  Well, lets just say they were very much in love... on my couch, in the guest bedroom, in their car in the driveway... and even in my shower!  Yes, together!

A new survey asked people to name the worst things guests can do when they stay with you.  Here are the top 12 . . .

1.  Tracking mud through the house.

2.  Staring at their phones instead of talking.

3.  Bringing a dog without asking.

4.  Not flushing the toilet.

5.  Missing the social cues about when it's time to leave.

6.  Leaving cigarette butts outside.

7.  Snooping.

8.  Asking for specific brands of foods or drinks.

9.  Taking late-night phone calls.

10.  Leaving the guest bedroom a mess.

11.  Complaining about the mattress.

12.  Having sex in the guest bedroom.

Do you have a houseguest horror-story?  We'll talk about it tomorrow morning!  Tune in and chime in!  We'd love to hear from you!