Earlier this week Adirondack Trust Company opened a time capsule that was placed in the cornerstone of their Saratoga Springs headquarters in 1916.

I love stuff like this. Pieces of history that have long been hidden finally revealed. And the glimpse of 1916 Saratoga Springs this time capsule gave us is pretty interesting. News Channel 13 was there to see the unveiling, and say the capsule include newspapers reporting World War I and brochures of now-Congress Park.

Here are some other items that were in the capsule:

  • A letter from bank founder and New York Senator Edgar Brackett 'encouraging them to keep to the principles that are their cornerstone.'
  • Some coins
  • A ten-cent bill (This won't get you to far today!)
  • A copy of the bank's first ledger from 1902

According to New Channel 13, a new capsule will be placed to be opened in another 100 years, including current money, news reports and Channel 13 reporting on this capsule opening.

I think they should also include some of our current technology. Think of where were in 1916, and look at our technology now. We think our smartphones are so advanced, imagine what tech will be like in another 100 years? Crazy to imagine!