I had to read this one twice when I saw it in the Times Union this morning. 

I woke up a little sore this morning from doing lawn work yesterday.  After reading this article, I better not complain again!

She's 100 years old, and decided to do this AGAIN.  This is actually the third time she has successfully spread her "wings" and jumped out of an airplane -  this time in Gansevoort, Saratoga County.  She did it in honor of her 100th birthday!

I couldn't find her most recent jump on YouTube, but I located an interview from WRGB's Channel 6 that gives you an insight to her personality.

That's not all, by the way.  She learned to ski and play golf when she was older as well.  What an amazing woman.

You can read all about her in the TimesUnion.com article.  I would LOVE to get her on the air.  Does anyone out there know how to reach her?