The lifestyle website posted a list of their picks for the 50 things every guy should own.  Sean, Richie and I were baffled by these this morning.  Some of them make sense, but some of these are just dumb!

The good news?  You could technically use this list as a Father's Day shopping list!  Well, maybe

Here's the top ten . . .

1.  A suit that actually fits.

2.  At least one great coffee table book.  (???)

3.  A decent bottle opener.

4.  A good pair of headphones.  Are headphones MANLY now?

5.  A bag you can use for anything.

6.  A decent watch.

7.  A sharp knife for the kitchen.

8.  A good tie.

9.  A pen that didn't come in a pack of five.

10.  A toolbox with at least two screwdrivers, a hammer, a tape measure, and pliers.

Click here to see the rest of the top 50!

Power Tools - Bro. Lou Roberts Collection