Okay, I know what some of you may be thinking: "I should be a creepy clown for Halloween!" I'll state this now, that's not a good idea. In fact, police in a lot of counties across the state are asking that you don't do that. Lets just avoid the problems, k? But, I do encourage you to stay locally focused in your efforts for a creatively bomb-tastic costume!

 That's why I've created a list of 10 Capital Region based Halloween costumes you could TOTALLY pull off. When you win the costume contest of your choosing, be sure to throw some of your prize earnings my way!

The Egg

It's the piece to our skyline that allow Albany to stand out and become unique and beautiful. It's also one of the most confusing pieces of architecture around here that leave tourists saying, "huh?"

The Egg - Google Maps Street View

Former Mayor Jerry Jennings

Albany's former mayor has always been a subject of quick witted Capital Regioners, mostly because of his golden physique. Why not keep it going this Halloween?

Courtesy of the City of Albany's website

The Groundhog with "Groundhog Lives Matter" sign

Okay, yes, this is a touchy subject. But, it's been a few months now maybe it's an acceptable local costume depending on the sense of humor of those around you?

Jeff Swensen, Getty Images

John Gray

When it comes to our local media, who doesn't know John Gray?! He's been around FOREVER. I would give bonus points if you were able to pull off his brown and blue eyes!

Image: Fox 23 News

Bombers Burrito

One of the most popular locally based eateries around. With the biggest burritos I think anyone has ever seen. People will love your costume so much, they might wanna take a bite outta ya!


Saratoga Jockey

Growing up here, we're just so used to it being a part of our community. But, tourists travel from all over just to attend our very own Saratoga Race Course., why not be a jockey?! You could even get a little horse head on a stick from Wal-mart to round out your costume!

Getty Images

Billy Fucillo and Crew

People love to hate Billy Fucillo, but the cool thing about him is his reputation with his employees who say this guy is a top notch employer. The best part about this costume, it's easy and it can be a group costume if you throw in Tom Park and Caroline!

Twin Bridges

It can be a duo costume and could be so cool if you get creative with it. Like, maybe you take a couple matchbox cars and have an accident during rush hour on one of 'em and have traffic backed up for miles...just an idea.

Tulip Queen

Tulipfest is one of the biggest festivals in our area and a staple for many as a Mothers Day celebration. Being the Tulip Queen is a big deal and while you wont' be the real one, you can fake it for the holiday!

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Uncle Sam

Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy is said to be the inspiration behind "Uncle Sam." Be a proud American and Capital Regioner at the same time!

Photo by Ben Sklar,Getty Images


For those of us that grew up in the 80s and 90s here in the Capital Region, here are some "Throwback" ideas:

Ranger Danger

Albany River Rat

Albany Colonie Yankee