It's an annual tradition. The annual company holiday party. And there are usually some pens getting dipped in the company ink.

I know you have seen it before. You are at the company party, a couple co-workers have a few too many cocktails and before you know it some of them are making out in the coat room.

According to a new study by the Daily Mail, 2 out of 5 people in Britain have admitted to cheating at a holiday work party. I think this number may be accurate, so I did a little digging to find some American statistics on the matter. Time did an article a few years back and quoted a Harris Interactive poll that says 1 in 4 people have hooked up at a holiday party. That is still a lot of nookie happening between co-workers, and you have to imagine they are not all single.

So watch the egg nog at your holiday party this year, and save yourself the headache of the office hook-up. No one wants all those awkward hallway encounters after the fact!